Painting Competition

Painting Competition

    One entry per person per category

    No entry fee

    All entries must be submitted by 5PM CT Saturday


    Best Overall – Best painted model overall.

    Best Warcaster/Warlock/Solo – Single model (companion models (like the Keg Bearer) are allowed.

    Best Battlegroup/Jack Marshal – Battle or Jackmarshal group of 2-3 models.

    Best Single Jack/Beast/Monstrosity – Not including huge base models.

    Best Huge Base – Huge base models only.

    Best Unit – Units must be at least minimum size (For example: Three models for a ⅗ unit, six models for 6/10)

    Best Conversion/Sculpt – Models do not need to be painted; this category will be judged on the quality of the sculpt or conversion of the model submitted. Does not need to be Steamroller compliant.

    Best Grymkin Model – specific category for the new faction.

    90 Day Paint Challenge – Gorman di Wulfe, no commercial resin bases or base inserts are allowed. Painters must use the standard 30mm round-lip base that comes with the model. Painting & basing should be the artist’s work, not someone else’s.