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2014 Invitational Details

Now that the massive fun (and work) of WARMACHINE Weekend 2013 is over we can start looking forward to 2014 and beyond. This coming year we are introducing a big change in the Invitational format. In the years' past we have striven for the best possible competitive play and our hope is that these changes will make for an even more fun and exciting tournament format for both players and spectators.

Our goal was to find a system that would encourage attendees to play as much as they wanted, while not having to police players that have previously qualified. We also didn't like the feel of the "alternate qualifier". We felt that even though it served a purpose it just was a bit too clunky in how it handled the job.

The changes in place now set us up to be able to grow as needed and provide a fun format to watch even if you don't get a chance to play in the tournament. As always if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) and I'll answer as best as possible.

Carl Morgan
Lead Organizer - WARMACHINE Weekend

WARMACHINE Weekend Invitational Changes:

  1. First big change is that we are going to expand to 29 qualifying events. Those events along with the previous year's Invitational winner, the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) winner, and the Wild Card (more on this in a bit) will give us a 32 player field for the Invitational.
  2. The Invitational will be a 32 slot, single elimination ranked bracket.
  3. We are instituting a point system to A) create a ranking system to seed players into the Invitational bracket and have a neat and tidy system in place in case someone doesn't show up (the alts will just come from the next person on the point list).
  4. Rankings are determined using a points system that rewards players for winning multiple events and larger events (see tables below).
  5. The point system WILL NOT replace the way you qualify. The winner (or next in line, in case the winner has already qualified) of a Qualifier tournament will still qualify as normal. Again, the points are used for ranking and finding replacement players for the event in case of a no-show.
  6. The point system will be used for qualifying events throughout the year up to, but not including the LCQ at WMW 2014.
  7. If the qualifier is from a Masters event, the standings of the Masters finals will be used to determine the qualifier and points rewarded.
  8. After the LCQ, the player with the most points that did not qualify through normal means (and that is present at the event) will be awarded the Wild Card spot.
  9. The previous year's winner, LCQ winner and Wild Card will placed in the bracket based on the points they earned throughout the year's qualifier season.
  10. The previous year's winner will earn a spot in the bracket as normal but will start the season with no points.
  11. If the winner of a Qualifier event is not present at WMW, then the next highest ranked player based on the bracket points earned will be entered into the Invitational.
  12. The tiebreaker system will be announced on February 1st, 2014.

WMW Invitational bracket point system

32 players or less
1st: 10
2nd: 7
3rd: 6
4th: 5
5th: 4
6th: 3
7th: 2
8th: 1

33-64 players
1st: 20
2nd: 14
3rd: 12
4th: 10
5th: 8
6th: 6
7th: 4
8th: 2

65+ players
1st: 30
2nd: 21
3rd: 16
4th: 15
5th: 12
6th: 9
7th: 6
8th: 3

2014 Invitational Qualifiers

WARMACHINE Weekend is proud to announce this year's line-up of Invitational Qualifier locations. You may have noticed that this year we have grown. When you included the Wild Card spot (see the other announcement for more on this) and last year's winner, Will Pagani, it will bring us up to 32 spots to be seeded in our first ever Invitational Bracket!

The locations below are in no particular order and we will be adding more information soon to give you the exact time and dates for these events.

Thanks to all our players for their support! We hope to see you soon at one of these great events.

Invitational Qualifier Winners

Will Pagani WARMACHINE Weekend 2013 Invitational Winner

Chuck Elswick Templecon - Warwick, RI (Will Pagani already qualified)

Ryan Chiriboga Las Vegas Open - Las Vegas, NV

Kurt Hindman II Crucible 3 - Orlando, FL

Jeremy Lee Mayhem Cup @ Asgard Games - Houston, TX

Charles Arrasmith Intermountain Cup - Ogden, UT


Adepticon - Chicago, IL
April 3rd-6th - More Info

Seattle Open @ Card Kingdom - Seattle, WA
April 12th - More Info

KingdomCon - San Diego, CA
April 24th-27th - More Info


GrotsCon - Red Deer, AB, Canada
May 3rd-4th - More Info

Game Nite - St. Louis, MO
May 9th-11th - More Info

HBG Con - Tulsa OK
May 16th-18th - More Info

Southern Ontario Open - Hamilton, Ontario Canada
May 24th-25th - More Info


Lock and Load - Bellvue, WA
June 6th-8th - More Info

Diecon - Colinsville, IL
June 20th-22nd - More Info

Texas Games Con - Austin, TX
June 26th-29th - More Info


GigaCon - Marietta, GA
July 4th-6th - More Info

Game Empire - Pasadena, CA
July 26th-27th - More Info


RatCon Super Masters - Dortmund, Germany
August 1st-3rd - More Info

Gencon - Indianapolis, IN
August 14th-17th - More Info

Nova Open - Arlington, VA
August 28th-31st - More Info


Chicagoland Games: The Dice Dojo - Chicago, IL
September 6th - More Info

Clash for a Cure - Killeen, TX
September 12th-14th - More Info

UK Masters
September 20th-21st - More Info

Midwest Melee - Kansas City, KS
September 27th-28th - More Info

Duel-Con - Phoenix, AZ
September 27th-28th - More Info


Feast of Blades - Denver, CO
October 10th-12th - More Info

Michigan GT - Lansing, MI
October 11th-12th - More Info

DOGC Con - Danbury, CT
October 17th-18th - More Info TBD


WARMACHINE Weekend Last Chance Qualifier
Date TBD - More Info

Dates Still To Be Determined

Mayhem - Des Moines, IA
Date TBD - More Info