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Our Sponsors

Privateer Press

Privateer PressPrivateer Press is credited with a steady series of highly successful role playing game and tabletop miniatures game products and has established the honored and acclaimed Iron Kingdoms world setting as well as the award-winning WARMACHINE and HORDES miniatures game properties.

Muse on Minis

Muse on MinisA community resource for WARMACHINE and HORDES with articles, podcasts, videos and much more.

Discount Games Inc.

Discount Games Inc.Discount Games Inc. was founded by Jay Larsen in 2005. It has grown to support online sales through multiple channels and Gameopolis, a physical game store in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Discount Games Inc. is also a sponsor of the Warmachine podcast Chain-Attack and Jay is one of the hosts of that show.

Game Nite

Game NiteGame Nite is a game store located in the St. Louis, MO (South County) area specializing in family strategy board games, collectible card games, miniature games and jigsaw puzzles.

Tectonic Craft Studios

Tectonic Craft Studios<Bring you a selection of bases, movement trays, tournament racks, gaming gear, objective markers, battlefield accessories and terrain.

Mekanika Studio

Mekanika StudioVery unique army trays and accessories for war gaming. It is not enough to simply be unique. But to also offer the most durable, customizable and versatile products. Our goal is bring a realization to every customer that our products are not just convenient but rather a necessity in order to achieve the full enjoyment of their gaming and hobby experience.

Broken Egg Games

Broken Egg GamesBroken Egg Games is an American based gaming company dedicated to producing high quality gaming materials all of which are currently produced entirely in the USA.

Painting with Menoth John

Painting with Menoth JohnPaint and hang out with "Menoth John" every week on Twitch. Its just like having your own painting partner including all the salty rants and good advice.

Meta-Games Unlimited

Meta-Games UnlimitedMeta-Games Unlimited has been a family gaming establishment since 1997 that boasts a 3000 square foot open gaming area with 2 computer LAN rooms and designated tables for various miniature gaming.

Your Turn Go!

Your Turn Go!Your Turn Go! is a general gaming and nerdery podcast based in St. Louis. YTG! sponsors and runs the IK RPG events at WARMACHINE Weekend.

Crippled System

Crippled SystemCrippled System is a WARMACHINE-centered podcast based in Madison, WI. Tune in weekly for WM/Hordes banter and other craziness!